Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wildfire Sunset

Smoke from the Dollar Wildfire, burning near the town of Parkdale, Oregon pushed in to the Portland Metro Area Saturday, causing skies that appeared overcast and smells reminiscent of camp fires hung in the air.

A side effect of all the smoke was an incredible sunset. The smoke changed the way the light reflects, therefore causing the sun to appear red.

Red sun at sunset.

Not wanting to miss this natural phenomenon, I grabbed my camera and headed up to Crown Point for a front row seat for sunset. Apparently I was not the only one with this idea, as there were at least a half dozen other photographers there with their cameras and tripods.

Vista House at Crown Point just before sunset.

Mother Nature certainly didn't disappoint, even though I am saddened at the cause.

The wake on the barge traveling down the Columbia River almost looks like it is on fire.

Please everyone, send positive thoughts to those fighting the fire and hope that soon our beautiful Mount Hood will stop burning.


  1. Great photos Cari, CONGRATS on getting the KGW mention!

  2. So eerie. The skies here get yellow with the dust and smoke from summer fires and winds. Although it's so destructive, that color is so fantastic.