Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Solstice Sunset

"The summer night is like a perfection of thought." - Wallace Stevens

It has been a long, wet spring, even for Northwest natives like myself. Spring is supposed to be our reward for dealing with the long, dark days of winter, but, this year it seems like the dreary weather is never going to retreat. Even the "weather people" have stated Oregon has seen the second wettest spring in 117 years of record keeping.

Yesterday, Mother Nature rewarded those of us in the Portland Metro Area for our patience (okay, maybe she just got really tired of all our whining) with not only the second 80+ degree day of the year, but a spectacular light show at sunset.

 As my husband and I were returning from a spectacular dinner at Twilight Pizza in Camas, we stopped on the Glenn Jackson Bridge as we crossed the Columbia River to snap some pictures with our phones. I have not stopped lamenting the fact I didn't have my real camera with me to capture such an amazing work of art in the sky.

I guess the pictures just prove, it doesn't matter if you have the fanciest equipment made to capture a great image, when you have such a beautiful landscape to work with!


  1. It may have been a wet Spring, but when the beauty arrives, it certainly is worth the wait. :)

  2. I agree with Sarah. That sunset is proof that we live in paradise, even with a long wet cold spring!

  3. Ditto what Sarah & Kerri said. :)
    Nancy P (@npowell)

  4. There are some beautiful sunsets along the Columbia River. I am always caught without my camera along Marine Drive :( Lets hope the sunny weather sticks around (although, as I post this, the morning clouds are still out!)

    Blogger wont let me log in, but this is Hood Photo Blog! :)

  5. On the short list of things to miss moving to the Pacific NW from Arizona, I had written "desert sunsets". It looks like I can scratch that off. Absolutely stunning. When I linked back to your photo on Twitter, more than one person commented that it was time to move NOW. Beautiful.