Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Trilliums of Spring

For anyone that lives in the Pacific Northwest, it's been a long, long winter. According to the calendar, Spring started on Saturday, though, it feels like we are still planted firmly in March.

Today, on a hike to Wahclella Falls, it would appear that Mother Nature is well on her way to kicking that squatter Jack Frost out. Unfortunately, he always seems to worm his way back in to her good graces and come back every year.

Nothing says Spring like the first trillium of the year. I was lucky enough today to stumble upon a whole patch of them. This first sign of the warmer days to come, as cheesy as it sounds, brought joy to my heart and a huge smile to my face.

Almost everyone knows they aren't supposed to pick trilliums. It damages the plant and prevents the leaves from producing food for the next year. It's even illegal to pick them in Michigan and Minnesota. 

First Trillium of Spring
 My grandmother tells me my great-grandmother loved trilliums, so much that she picked them by the handful even though she knew she wasn't supposed to. She couldn't help herself. So, not only are they a beautiful sign of spring, but they also give me a chuckle thinking of my great-grandmother, happily picking the taboo flowers she knew she shouldn't have and knowing all I will ever take is pictures.

 It's not only the trilliums making an appearance, they brought along some of their other wilddflower friends.

Columbia Kittentails

Rustyhair Saxifrage
A beautiful sight for these rain weary eyes, and a sure sign that it won't be long and the rest of the wildflowers, along with the sunshine and longer, warmer days will soon be following.

Happy Spring everyone!!!

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  1. Love the combination of your joy at spring with the personal reflections on family - makes for a very relatable and enjoyable post.